P&K 3781 (VDI 3781 2)

Graphic illustration of the course

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Form Graphic illustration of the course

Graphical illustration of the terrain profile and the schemata.


Most of the illustrations can be zoomed; therefore a rectangle has to be opened with the mouse from the upper left corner to the lower right corner. To reset the zoom, a rectangle from the lower right corner to the upper left corner has to be opened with the mouse.


The graphic can be moved; therefore the graphic is to be dragged with the right mouse button down.


With the button MAX the scale settings are maximized.


The graphic can be illustrated isometrically by using the button ISO. This has to be repeated after changing the size of the graphic.


The button 3D/2D toggles between 2D and 3D mode. The three-dimensional illustration is only for analysis purpose and not really meaningful for a documentation.

Edit Edit (Layout, Export and Format)

By using the Edit button, a form can be opened in which more graphic parameters can be set. This function is meant for final detailed work and these settings will not be stored.

Print Print

If the button ISO is available and pressed and the graphic is not in 3D mode, then the form Scaled Printing will be opened, else a preview and setup dialog will be opened, in which printer settings and layout can be modified and the print can be initiated.

Rotate Rotate, Move Move, Zoom Zoom and Depth Depth

These buttons turn the graphic into 3D-mode. These functions are only for analysis purpose.

Clipboard and Export Formats

With the button Copy Copy, the graphic can be copied to the clipboard. The graphic is then available to be pasted into other windows programs. The graphic can be copied in different formats:

The graphic format can be set in Edit Edit/Chart/Export.

 Background Image

A background image can be set here. See Background Image