Software for the area air quality control - Petersen & Kade

Dispersion calculation for dust, air pollutants, odor and noise and other environmental computing programs according to TA Luft 2002, TA Luft 2021,VDI 3782 part 1/2/4, VDI 3783 part 1/2, VDI 3781 part 1/4, VDI 2066 and others.

P&K KFA / VDI guideline 3781 part 4

The guideline VDI 3781 part 4 describes the discharge conditions for exhaust gases ofsmall and medium combustion systems and other installations. The guideline became active July 2017.

  • The program leads intuitively thru the input of terrain, buildings and plant parameters and calculates for a list of alternatives the required chimney heights.
  • 3D-Animations
  • Detailed logs of the calculation

At you can see the program documentation and samples as well as download a demo program.