P&K 3783 (VDI 3783 part 1+2)

Emission course

Emission course

Mass flux concentration

Button to determine the mass flux. For processing of the material lists, the exhaust volume rate and the concentration are to be set. Otherwise explicit inputs are to be made in the mass flux column.


Consecutive number. NR is just used internally. When inserting rows, the relation to the collectives will change.


The duration of an emission section is to be entered in seconds.

Exhaust volume rate

The exhaust volume rate in an emission section can be set in m3/sec. A newly defined exhaust volume rate changes the heat emission.

The heat emission will be set from the exhaust volume rate in combination with the temperature.


The temperature of the emitted gas or the mixture of gases in an emission section can be set in °C.

Heat emission

Heat emission of an emission section can be set in MW.

Mass flux

Mass flux in g/s. Dependent on the switch on top of the emission table, the mass flux will be defined by exhaust volume rate and concentration (the columns mass flux will be blocked) or set explicitly.