P&K TAL2K (TA Luft 2002 / AUSTAL)

Multi-Processor-Interface (MPI) Options

New Version P&K AST

With this extension one can use multiple processors on a PC or multiple PCs and achieve significant faster calculation.

Activate Multi-Processor-Interface (MPI).

Depending on your license, you can select inactive, local or remote.

Number of processes to start up.

Depending on your license, you can select the number of cores to be used. Start as many processes as your PC has Cores or Processors (NOT Hyper Threads).

Cluster Version

Computer Name

Name of controller PC (automatically set)

Enter host names in the order to be assigned to jobs (one per line).

Name list of all Cluster Clients. Ip Addresses can be used too.

Processors or Cores per Host (Not Hyper Threats)

Processors available on cluster clients.

Local Share

Share name on the controller PC. This folder needs to be shared where the temporary working directories are created, so cluster clients can access the data.

Available Drive Letter for temporary usage

This must be available on the clients so they can use it for mounting the Local Share above.

Short description of the Multi-Core-Version of TALDIA and AUSTAL2000