P&K TAL2K (TA Luft 2002 / AUSTAL)

Define Terrain Raster

New Version P&K AST

Form for the generation of an area height raster or information inquiry of a regular raster.

The mesh size of the area heights raster does not have to match with the mesh size of the computation grid / computing area, however the computing area must lie completely within the area heights raster. The raster may not contain invalid values (NODATA_value) or gaps and must be regular for the computation.

Lower left corner [m]

X and Y-coordinate of the lower left corner of the area. (X to the right (the east) ascending, Y upward (the north) ascending)

Number of meshes

Number of raster meshes in x and y-direction.

Mesh width of terrain raster [m]

Distance between the horizontal and vertical nodes.

Default Height [m]

The raster will be pre-set with this height.

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