P&K 2714

Averaging of non-continuous noises

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Calculation form for averaging of non-continuous noises

Calculation of an averaging level of non-continuous noises.

Lm=10*lg(Sum(10Li/10*Ti)/B) (see VDI 2058, September 1985)

TA Lärm guideline values:

    day night
  pure business district 70 70
  primary business district 65 50
  mixed district 60 45
  primary residential area 55 40
  pure residential area 50 35
  Resorts, Hospitals 45 35


Descriptor is a user defined text, which will be transfered, by pressing OK, together with the results into the appropriate tables.

Reference period (B) [h]

Reference period for the evaluation level after TA Lärm is for the 16 day hours from 6 to 22 o'clock, for the loudest night hour.

Time intervals (Ti) [h]

Sound power levels (Li) [dB(A)]

Relative spectrum [dB]

see Relative spectrum

A-weighted average level (Lm) [dB(A)]

Average spectrum [dB]