P&K 2714

List of Traffic Sources

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Form for Traffic Sources

Definition of traffic sources for the propagation calculation.


Index Number, where L identifies traffic / line sources.


Unique descriptor for a data set.


The source coordinates can be referred to one of the obstacles (building), though they can be moved with each other.

Street source

If checked, then it is a street source else it is a railway source.

X1, Y1, Z1, X2, Y2 and Z2

Location of the source in a 3-dimensional space. Begin and Endpoint are identified by three coordinates.


If a value is entered instead of a reference to a spectrum, it will replace all entries of the spectrum (in case of A-weighted calculations, it will also replace the column for the weighted levels).


Drefl and Dr2 are supplements for multiple reflection defined in the guidelines RLS-90 and SCHALL 03. This value is to be entered into the list of traffic sources manually. Both guidelines suggest for a gorge a value of 4*h/w with the gorge depth h and the width w.

see Operation within the tables and Sources