P&K 3782

Program introduction

Product has been archived / Produkt wurde archiviert

Dispersion calculation for dust and air pollutants according to the guidelines
VDI 3782 and TA Luft 86

We offer a PC program, P&K 3782, to carry out dispersion calculations for dust and air pollutants according to the guidelines VDI 3782 part 1 and TA Luft 86 with the options Cooling tower and Expert.

On the basis of dispersion category statistics (including precipitation statistics), annual average values and percentiles for ambient air concentration and deposition can be calculated.

VDI 3782 permits the consideration of sedimentation, scavenging of particles, chemical reduction, barrier layer reflection and material flow preservation in the waste gas plume. The deposited mass is inferred from the lower plume area. The plume rise model also considers the mechanical lift (cold sources).

A large number of point sources, line sources, and area sources can be considered, as well as receptor points and evaluation areas with pre-pollution.

The option "Cooling tower" equips the program with an interface to call the VDI program VDISP for the calculation of ambient air concentrations in the case that channeling occurs over a cooling tower in accordance with the guideline VDI 3784 part 2.

With the option "Expert", characteristics over different statistics (daily periods of operation, yearly variation, I2-dust) and sources with other dispersion parameters (starting turbulence, land development) can be calculated. When there are several sources, the source-referred analysis of the ambient air concentration in the form of tables and histograms is possible.

The prognosticated characteristics in different presentations (colored squares, placed numbers, or isolines) can be printed as well as transferred to other programs.

Full Windows support with the appropriate operation. You no longer need to learn any code numbers for program control. You can select, from easily understandable lists, which variants the program should calculate. Now with more attractive lists and graphics, which can be printed to standard Windows printers or inserted via the clipboard into other programs. Also graphics can be zoomed or moved.

The program is present in German and English.

For most graphics axis-scale factors can be entered, with which the numbers can be transformed into legible dimensions.

Isolines are not optional any more. The program contains them already.

The program produces reports in HTML format which can be used for the documentation, or imported to most word processing programs.

The program has an export tool for an easy data exchange with other programs (e.g. "surfer", "AutoCad", spreadsheets or text processing programs). With that tool, data can be combined flexibly and stored in different formats.

At our website you can see the program documentation and samples, as well as download a demo.