P&K 3782

Getting Started

Product has been archived / Produkt wurde archiviert

Dispersion calculation for dust and air pollutants according to the guidelines
VDI 3782 and TA Luft 86

P&K 3782 is based on two calculation modules. The first module calculates a concentration array, which can be identical for many sources or components. All parameters and functions for concentration arrays are in the menu Conc.Array. The second module calculates the from concentration arrays, further source parameters and the dispersion category statistics the pollution. All parameters for this are in menu Statistic, the functions are in Stat.Calc and Stat.Result.

For the work with P&K 3782, it is mandatory to either create a project with the Wizard (appears on program start or is to be found in the menu Tools), or to create one or more concentration arrays in ConcArray and one set of data in the menu Statistics. Before entries can be made in Conc.Array or Statistics, a file has to be opened or created in e.g. Statistics / Files.

Further details are in the Program description or can be accessed via the F1 key in the forms. The overview of the Forms and Menus can be helpful as well.

For an easy startup, one or more sample files are supplied with the program in the program folder. The program is designed to initially show the folders Sample(s) and/or Beispiel(e). This feature does not work on all windows versions, in such a case one has to navigate to the program folder (e.g. c:\Program Files\P&K\....).