P&K 3950

Standard settings form

Product has been archived / Produkt wurde archiviert

Standard values form

In this form, global / project independent settings are defined.

T0 and P0

Standard temperature in °C and Standard pressure in hPa

Decimal Character

Real number Decimal Character in outputs. Numbers, which are stored as strings are not affected. Program may have to be restarted

Show log automatically on changes

The automatic pop up of the log on changes can be controlled here.

Report Settings

Elemente in Report aufnehmen Insert element in report
Elemente aus report entfernen Remove element from report
Alles aus Report entfernen Remove all elements from report
Alles in Report aufnehmen Insert all elements in report
Element nach oben verschieben Move up element
Element nach unten verschieben Move down element


Border around the table cells in the report output.


This button inserts a page-break tag into the list above. The page break does not work in all Internet browsers!

Graphic size in screen pixels

Here one can control the size of the graphic in the Report. The values can be converted with approximately 96dpi. The Application window will be sized to these values on Report execution.


Here one can enter StyleSheet definitions for report formatting. See 5. Outputs (report)