P&K KFA (VDI 3781 part 4)

Terrain View

3D View

Formular 3D-Grafik

The terrain view is the central window of the program. This view can be a top view or to be a spatial representation.
The 3D view will usually be the basis for working with the program.
The top view serves mainly to place additional buildings.

Top View


Additional tools of the top view

Edit Buildings

With a click on a house this can be selected. This is acknowledged by a frame with click marks. The lines through the marker points indicate in which direction the house can be modified. When dragging in such a direction, a window will appear showing the current outline data of the house. The data must be saved by pressing SAVE. The data can be changed manually before. The action is canceled by pressing Cancel or clicking in the void.

Edit Discharge Device (Chimney)

Clicking on a discharge device opens a dialog in which the attributes of these can be changed.


A click with the right mouse button and pressed CTRL key sets a reference position to which the angle and distance to the mouse position will be displayed in the status bar. Clicking with the right mouse button and holding down the ALT key or switching to 3D turns this function off again.

Rotation Center

Clicking with the left mouse button and holding down the CTRL key in the 2D view sets the rotation center for the 3D view.

define MapImport Map

Opens a dialog to import a map / background image).

add buildingAdd Building

Opens a dialog to add a building or structure on a selected building.

add chimneyAdd Discharge Device (Chimney)

Opens a dialog to add a chimney to a selected building.

delete housesDelete Buildings

A dialog to delete buildings incl. dependencies within or outside a selection rectangle. Useful if too many buildings have been imported.

show hintsShow Hints

In case hints become available, this button blinks shortly and stays red. This avoids too many popups of the notification window.

SumulateSimulation for building parameter (Expert Mode)

Opens a Form in which real values of a building can be varied and the course of the chimney height over ridge is illustrated.

Tools for both Views

2d 3dChange View

Changes view to 2D or 3D.

Version 2.22

The key combination ALT-c resets the graphic position.


The current image is transferred to Print Preview. When using an external browser, the preview has to be opened manuelly.

Version 2.28


The current image is copied to the clipboard for use in other programs. Right Click copies Logs.

saveSave Graphic

The current image is saved as raster graphic. Right Click saves Logs.

View: View (store and recall)(Expert Mode)

For the documentation or while working, it can be helpful to access previous used views. In the combined input- and selection element one can store a named view + or recall > one. To update or delete a view use the right mouse button menu.

Operation in the right panel

Scrollbar and Mouse operation on the canvas

Chimney (Discharge Device)

Exposure Zone

Recirculation Zone


Building Edges

Building Names

Note: In the 3D view, the names are shown on the Z0 level of the buildings. The names can look fragmented if the terrain rises next to the building. If it bothers, turn off the ground.

Building Blocks

Windows (Air Intakes / Ventilation Openings)


Version 2.22

Perspective Othogonal (Expert Mode)

Default is orthogonal illustration, which is better for most tasks. If zoomed too far in, objects might be behind the eyes and therefore not vissible (clipped).

When Perspective is activated the graphic becomes perspective and can be zoomed more. Next to the checkbox appears a trackbar with which the angle of the perspective can be set. This helps if edges of objects are not properly stacked. This is a problem of 3D-libraries, which is called z-fighting.